Complaint Handling Mechanism

Only those complaints which are within the jurisdiction of CVO, NRL will be investigated/dealt by the Vigilance Department of NRL. The complaints must contain the factual details, verifiable facts & related matters. They should not be vague or contain sweeping general statements. As the vigilance Department deals only the matters of corruption, redressal of grievances should not be the focus of the complaints. The complaint should be directly addressed to CVO,NRL. Complaint should only be filed either Online or by Post, email complaints are not entertained. The unsigned complaints received through post do not have any authenticity and will be filed with no action. The Complainants are advised to give their proper name, postal address and contacts details while lodging complaints. This is required for obtaining confirmation from the Complainant. The complaint should not be anonymous or pseudonymous. The complainant is willing to share his/her identity and address proof. The Complainants are advised not to continue lodging complaint on the same subject more than once. If a complaint against a public servant is found to be malicious, vexatious or unfounded, following actions against the complainant may be initiated for making false complaint. “The complainant is liable for action under section 182 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (refer para 3.12 Chapter-III on CVC’s Vigilance Manual (updated 2021) for details). Once a complaint is registered in the office of CVO, NRL, further correspondence in the matter will not be entertained.


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